Friday, May 8, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Los Testigos and Blanquilla

These are our first two islands we went to and we loved them both. We had to do an overnight passage to get to each of them.

Los testigos

This was our first land fall after we left Grenada. We anchored outside of their little village and went into check in. The room we went into had a thousand flies and they all tried landing on our heads. The coast guard gave us two nights on the island and then we would have to move on to the next island. We went back to the boat and moved up to the nothern end of the island. The water in Los Testigos is coming from the out flow of the Orancle river so the water was all green. Not very nice. Once we got there we pumped up the dinghy and and went to the beach. While mom and I were swimming we saw some thing that looked like a garbage bag, but where was the garbage bage coming from we were the only boat there? Thats when we saw the red rim and we freaked out, a jelly fish! Later we learned that these jelly fish don't sting. :)


We had another day like that then we moved on to Blanquilla. This islands tallest height is 50 ft tall. Never seen such a flat island. The beaches were all light pink and there were two lone palm trees. We went for a snorkel and found yet anthoer beach even more pretty than the other. The next day we came back and took a walk at the other end of the beach where there was shell fossils. This was very beautiful.

Later I will post a blog about Los Roques...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The ups and downs of grenada

As i remember in my old blog i told everyone the beautiful highlights like the Sam the cat or water falls. There always seemed to be a black cloud over Grenada. So here are the pros and cons of Grenada.
I has a great time playing games with the kids next door they were great especcially d.j.. We still remember his good afternoons. :)
We were in a beautiful lush setting and luckily we had internet and a fan all great things.
We had our best freind adam their.
sam the cat was so cute and now he is all grown up.
The water falls in grenada were amazing.
Grand anse beach is also very cool

Tooo hot, we were in a valley, no wind circulation.
I only went to Grenada marine every once and a while but the smell of
epoxy was terrible.
Hardly any family (except for three weeks)
The creole was not understandable.
And the guys at Grenada marine sang with no music.
( that is the worst)

I call Grenada marine the boatyard of broken dreams (promises). Everyday I heard from dad " we found more dry rot today" or" We need to go buy this. They started by telling us that in October Artemo would be finished. Our boat went into the water in January. Grenada is a beautiful place and if it didn't have all those bad memories it would be one of my favorite islands.
Love you all

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Grande Finale

We have returned to Grenada after a long sail. About half way through the trip I thought to myself, "Why are we going to my least favorite island? How did dad get us to do this?"

We had some strange realizations being back in Grenada. Like in Grenada people stare you down and if you are different they say it out loud. One of the main reasons we went to Grenada was to pick up some teak from Grenada marine. My least favorite place on my least favorite island. But me and Amelia knew that our best Friend Adam was there so that lightened the blow. We never forgot how fast the buses went here but the one we took to Grenada marine was thee fastest we have ever had. Mom had us move into the seats in the middle so if the car flipped we would be safe. The grand finale of all bus rides.

We made it to Grenada marine and walked down the dreaded road and got attacked by dogs. We made it there and Adam was there. We had a great afternoon, went swimming and when it was time to go it was hard to leave. Mom and Dad sold the teak and we went back to the good old Artemo. The grand finale!